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The Strategy

A combination, or FUSION of Block Therapy, Yoga and Pilates.

Block Therapy is a method of Fascia Release.  The block has a similar density as does our bones.  We lay on the block to basically sandwich the soft tissue between two like surfaces, just as a massage therapist would add pressure, to create a releasing response in tissue adhesions.  This simplistic approach allows it to be a practice of self care, you just need to be taught how to do it.  Adhesions can happen for a variety of reasons, injuries of course, but more commonly due to repetitive patterns like sports or lifestyle habits. Basically the tissue starts to marry itself to the positions it gets to practice the most often, and if that is anything but good posture, it can lead to strain and then pain on the system. This method will create an undoing of the adhesions, restoring potential for better posture and movement.

Pilates and Yoga are methods of exercise that can use just our bodies in a variety of positions to improve fitness.  After all, we are not light.  Yoga usually focused on lengthening or opening spaces.  Pilates focus on challenging the abdominals, to either hold a particular posture in movement, or move through a changing posture.  Strength, endurance, flexibility and balance are all improved through either method.

All 3 methods are a mindful practice, so you are encouraged to give attention inwards on how you feel and make choices, honoring the whispers of your body’s intuition.  All 3 methods promote better awareness and practice to posture, which has become highly underrated in society.  And all 3 practices place high priority to the quality or technique of the breath, the simplest and most essential nutrition for cellular health.  So they are highly compatible partners.

You don’t have to do the combination.  You may find you experience the results you seek with the “blocking” alone.  It is my belief, however, that we will better secure the changes made by blocking, if we then get to practice moving our body, challenging its stability and endurance.


A little about me 

Hi I’m Cassidy

-Fitness leader since ’92.

- Pilates Mat & reformer   since -2001

-Block Therapy (Fascia Release Program) since 2019

             - Injured from foot to head, can I relate to your injury? Probably.

 -I was an all round, but average athlete growing up.  My primary sport of choice was Equestrian show jumping.  I also experienced my worst injuries that way.  I can recall 4 falls in particular, that have left their mark in my tissues.   Through various sporting endeavors and my years as a fitness leader I’ve experienced even more injuries.  To my advantage, I believe the injuries have taught me to gain some intuition or instinct.  I believe I have learned what positions are good choices, and what are not – for me.  I encourage participants in my classes, through vivid guidance,  to recognize and use that same intuition for themselves.  The wisdom of YOUR body, combined with some guidance, is sure to lead us in the right direction.


 email [email protected]blockfusionfitness.com

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