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Repetitive movements (like sitting at a desk), injuries or poor posture create asymmetries in our muscle and fascia. Over time those asymmetries are exacerbated, and can become increasingly permanent and painful.

Stretching alone is not enough to break the cycle

  • Learn a self care practice that can relieve tightness, and restore alignment and posture
  • avoid dependence on pain medications
  • this sounds extreme, but it could reduce the risk of joint replacement due to decades of poor joint alignment.


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See for yourself, magic of Block Therapy
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Reasons you may benefit from Block Therapy

  1. Relief from chronic tightness or pain 
  2. Need to improve your posture 
  3. Need to improve your core strength
  4. Need to improve circulation pathways, eg. reduce swelling
  5. Need to support gut health, eg. relieve constipation
  6. An excellent 'rest & recovery' practice for those who are highly active
  7. Need a strategy to reduce anxiety and stress 
Questions about a specific health concern?

Here's what a few others experienced...

A colleague's experience with block therapy

I have lived with muscle trauma from 2 very serious car accidents.  I have used massage, acupuncture, chiro and medication to manage pain.  There have been years of long sleepless nights.  For the past couple of months I have been taking Cassidy's Block Therapy classes and the impact has been life changing.  The trauma is gradually reducing, which has reduced stress, increased energy and improved my sleep.  I cannot express enough how much I appreciate this practice and how much it has impacted my life. 

Shawn, Pilates instructor

Here's what a  former competitive athlete had to say about foam rolling vs blocking

I was a very high level athlete and built up quite a bit of scar tissue in the process.  As a result of beating myself up when I was younger and never taking time to repair the damage properly I find myself with limited range of motion and minor aches and pains all over.  I started using the foam roller in February and have had great results but I find the blocking takes this to the next level and allows me to target knots and trouble areas.  My body is feeling better in general.  Really excited to learn more.  I love the way you know how to bring the good pain. : )

Sandy - high diver

Your breath is your guide.

All classes start on the belly to stimulate diaphragmatic breathing.  The many, possible benefits of the fuller breath include:

  • improved oxygenation for cellular health
  • relief of constipation
  • support gut health
  • improve core strength
  • reduce feelings of anxiety or stress

We can also use the breath as an indicator if a position is tolerable.  If any positions 'take our breath away', then we adjust, and do it in a gentler way.

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Some common areas of tightness from repetitive movements

Pectoral (chest) muscles from nearly everything we do holding our arms in front of us.

IT Band syndrome, common in runners.

Tennis or golfer's elbow, especially vulnerable from common home equipment like flexband work, or TRX

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What makes the fusion so effective...

Block Therapy

The Block buddy has a similar density as our bones.  Laying on the block replicates results of a deep tissue massage, melting adhesions and scar tissue. As the binds fade away, flexibility is gained, and circulation pathways  restored. 

Plus a little Yoga


This part is exciting!  Flexibility is probably the hardest fitness component to see or feel significant gains. Adding Blocking to your yoga practice is powerful.

And a bit of Pilates


Strengthening the body with attention to posture and alignment will help to secure the changes the Block has made.

        Here's what a few others had to say...


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